Machine description

The AD-R press brake has 4 CNC controlled axes:

  • Y1, Y2 – positioning the ramp,
  • X – positioning the rear stop,
  • R – height adjustment for the rear stop in inches).

After entering the basic parameters of the product (material type and thickness, dimensions and the required angles), the system automatically suggests the sequence of bends, positions all the control axes and the rear stop bounce, and sets the needed pressing force. The graphic product library enables you to save and retrieve programmed products at any time. The graphic library of top and bottom tools speeds up work with the press when using various tools.

Control system description

  • The CNC Advantage 2D control system communicates in Czech. The essence of the system is 3-axis control – Y1-Y2 (ram synchronisation) and X (rear stop travel).
  • Rear stop ball screws.
  • Fiessler AKAS optoelectronic barrier for the working area.
  • Moving console with control panel.
  • Euro type (Amada/Promecam) tool clamping system.
  • Rolleri cut and hardened tools along the full working length. The lower die has multiple grooves.
  • Two sliding front supports with a T-groove and front stop.
  • Portable control stand.
  • The machine is equipped with an alphanumeric control system providing a 2D view of the programmed product.
Tentative RFQ
Pressing force220 t
Working length4,050 mm
Pass between the sideboards3,600 mm
Approaching speed120 mm/sec
Bending speed10 mm/sec
Lift265 mm
Opening in the sideboards410 mm

Prices and all detailed information will be available after receipt of the technical print documentation.

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