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Jiří Vaněk
Phone:+420 737 249 235

Ing. Pavel Ševčík
Phone:+420 601 326 842

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DAVON takes great pride in providing its customers with the best possible aftercare services. It offers an extensive warranty and post-warranty service and fully inclusive maintenance and repair service. All machines and parts are covered including breaking equipment, grabs, specialist construction machines and all accessories and parts. This service is particularly designed in support of surface mines.

Our services are in place throughout the lifetime of the machine or part, and our goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction and to support fully functional and operational efficiency 24-7.  This will only be possible where the machines and parts are correctly installed, staff effectively trained in their operation and a fully inclusive preventive maintenance and inspection system is in place.

DAVON has the experience, expertise and capability to ensure success and we see the warranty, maintenance and inspection elements as an integral part of our service offer.

We will cooperate in the development of a bespoke service agreement, with each element design to individual customer requirements. The agreement will provide a basic maintenance cover, staff training organised professional managers and specialists, and regular preventative inspections of all machines and parts. The service can include an extended warranty.