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This special machine is composed of a frame, a drive mechanism, running gear and work gear. A Perkins industrial diesel engine is mounted to the frame and powers a hydraulic system used to drive the running gear and the work gear. The running gear includes the front hydraulically drive and braked axle and a rear hydraulically steered axle. The working tool is a heavy steel plate with a wear resistant HARDOX 450 replaceable lower blade. The steel plate is repeatedly positioned at a pre-defined height and is then dropped onto the paved surface.The tool moves through vertical guides in the tower and is raised and released by a hydraulically driven winch.


The winch raises and releases the demolition tool. The working cycling begins by raising the tool to a pre-defined height, followed by the drive disengaging and releasing the brake, which allows the tool to fall. Once it falls on the demolished surface, the tool is raised and the entire cycle repeats.


The Perkins motor drives two main high-pressure piston control pumps via a flexible adapter to move the drive gear and the winch as well as a gear pump for auxiliary and operating functions. The piston pumps drive the winch or drive gear based on the switchboard settings; the gear pump is used to steer the rear axle wheels, flush the winch, control the main manifold, the speed and braking of the drive gear, the brake on the winch and to stabilise the swing axles.


The controls are located in the driver’s cab. These are controllers and control instruments.
A remote control for the machine and cab air conditioning are available for an additional charge.


The electrical circuits on the machine operate using a 24 V DC system. An alternator on the diesel engine and two 12 V/180 Ah batteries power the system.

Work cycle

The winch raises the tool to a pre-defined height, the brake on the tool is released and the work tool free falls onto the surface. The impact demolishes the surface. The tool is once again raised and the entire cycle repeats.
The machine itself creeps forward at a pre-set speed during this cycle.


Standard controls from the cab
Radio remote control with colour display and camera (optional for an added charge)
Technical and performance parameters:
Engine Perkins 1204F-E44TA turbocharged, aftercooled industrial diesel engine
Maximum power 110.1 kW at 1000-2200 RPM
Minimum power 70.0 kW
Maximum torque 560.0 Nm at 1400 RPM
Displacement 4.4 litres
Emissions EU Stage IV/U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final
Cab heated, air conditioning optional for an added charge
Working tool drive gear ZOLLERN ZHP 6.24 free fall winch
Travel speed 0 – 15 km/h
Working speed 0 – 12 km/h
Permitted transverse tilt max. 5°
Permitted longitudinal tilt 5° when using a raised tower max. 15° when using a tilting tower
Machine height in working position 4300 mm
Machine height in transport position 3200 mm
Machine width 2558 mm
Machine length 5370 mm
Machine weight 22 t
Working tool weight 7 t
Working tool width 1,700 mm
Working tool stroke 0.5 – 2.7 m
Blow frequency max. 20 per minute at full stroke
Productivity max. 1200 m2/h
Max. thickness of demolished surface 250 mm
The manufacturer reserves the right to change these parameters.
1st gear 0 ÷7,5 km/h
2nd gear 0÷15 km/h

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